Thursday, June 9, 2011

Extra pressure on Clinic day

Had a Clinic day on Monday most of the day was positive.
I got to Harefield hospital a bit late because the wet weather caused the traffic to build up more than normal. I got my blood taken then had a appointment for a ultrasound of my kidneys prior to meeting with a new doctor in the afternoon.
My last visit the doctor had reduced my tacrolimus due to the fact that my kidney function was being affected hence the need for kidney check.I hoped that the results would be better than my last tests taken by my GP's that indicated a few abnormal levels in my blood .The last level of the tacrolimus was lower after the reduction, at 9.1 but not by much.

After the ultrasound and X- Ray was done I went to get some food and some coffee from the league of friends   before my lung Function test as I found that a drink helps, I also needed to take my morning medication.My lung function was okay, not great but,similar to my last clinic visit .I am always worried that something will cause concern for the doctors and most recently this has been my lung function tests!
I was told to come back at 13.30 and spent the dinnertime with a toasted sandwich, a tuna roll, Daily mail and a copy of Micromart magazine. I thought I might have bumped in to someone I knew but on this occasion  it was just me, by the afternoon it was all I could do to stop my self nodding of while I waited for the transplant doctor.

When I got to the appointment with the doctor he was happy with my results and informed me that my kidney function had improved, but the tacrolimus level had been 10.2 and so he wanted to reduce my dose again by 1mg a day and asked me to get a check the following week at my GPs' I was happy with this and asked him if he had any thoughts about me going swimming this is a activity I love! He said that it would be okay but not to swim in rivers or lakes as the risk with lowered immunity would be high.

I then went to my appointment with the kidney doctor this was okay but he did have some concerns he agreed that my kidneys were functioning better but he was worried about my blood pressure, was something I had noticed had been higher lately.He told me that this would put a lot of strain on my kidneys combined with the essential anti rejection.
His solution , Blood pressure tablets! I was not keen, but he has put me an a small dose and will see me in three months to review. I was concerned that there would be side affects but at present apart from a sight headache when I started them they seem okay.I am now monitoring my blood pressure daily  and will have to get a blood test at my GP's in a couple of weeks time to check my blood chemistry is not adversely affected.

So now I rattle a bit more due to more pills but as I have been given month off clinic I should be grateful :)
I hope that when I go to my GP I can discuss my need to lose weight and find out if he will help me with a prescription for a gym as a friend of mine at the same doctors was offered this fingers crossed on that

 I am just glad thanks to my donor that I am able to be thinking about swimming again something I thought I would never be able to do again :)
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