Monday, August 8, 2011

Holiday - Let the Games Commence

It all systems go for my holiday:) I hope to spend two weeks on the south-east coast in Hastings this will be my first holiday since my Transplant and I am looking forward to meeting up with my wife's family and hear the news.
I must be truthful when I say that I did not expect to make it to see another holiday by the sea last year before my transplant. The organisation that was required to get an oxygen supply and equipment I had to use such as the wheelchair and oxygen bottles made the whole process very stressful for me and the whole family. this year it will be better as now I am able to tolerate the hot weather and the inclines that I will encounter I will still have to carry a bit of stuff like my Bi pad machine and nebuliser and the various pills that I consume each day but I will be able to do many things that I  avoided last year.I hope that we will be able to attend the Eastbourne Airbourne Airshow and I will try to post pictures that and of my other adventures if I can.

The other thing that has happened is I have started my pulmonary rehabilitation course at the local gym unfortunately due to me being away I will miss some of it but this will continue till September when I get back.I must be honest when I say I was worn out when I had done the first two days. I found it great to be able to push myself and was able to do much more than I thought I would, so I was glad.
My wife has also been referred  for fitness training though our GP surgery so when I have finished on the rehab I will start to go for supervised fitness sessions with my wife if she wants to so we can both get fit again.

I have also been inspired by another transplntee who I know, who is presently at the UK transplant games and has managed to achieve 
Silver Medal in Archery with a score of 278, and a Bronze Medal in the 5k run.

he said  on his Facebook page today "So proud to run as part of the Harefield CF 4 x 100 metre relay team today. Running for everyone with CF, everywhere." 

Congratulation to  Richard Burbedge @AwoogaBurbs who had several problems on his way to the games including a serious sprain to his ankle and a visit to hospital that nearly put his plans on hold so I am glad that he achieved his aim to represent his country  But most of all his win  represents the gift of life his donor gave him and me that allow us to live better and more full lives

This year at the transplant games 15 transplant  patients from Harefields Hospital are taking part in the  British Transplant Games 15 people who lives have been saved by donors who signed the donor register HERE

There is a facebook page you can visit to find out more Westfield health British Transplant Games 

If you would like to know more Transplant Sport in the UK may interest you @TransplantSport

Great Britain Transplant Cricket Club will also be of interest @gbtcc   

There is also the Northern Ireland Transplant Association  at their twitter account @nitransplant

 So I will say happy holidays to you and go to bed as I  have a drive to do tomorrow, hope to post more and some pictures of the seaside soon :-)

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