Sunday, October 30, 2011

Doors Open For Some, Others Close

Sad and happy news to share ! isn't that always the way

First the sad news, as you may have seen if you have been following this blog for a while one of the people I follow on my blog list has been very unwell.
The woman I am talking about is Rachael Wakefield has been having a long fight to regain her health after having a lung transplant March 10th 2010. and on 26th October she was called to heaven. 

Her Blog was called "Anything But Ordinary " she was an extraordinary person who, although I never met her, inspired me while I was waiting for my transplant.She always had a positive attitude to her troubles and in a update in May 9th 2011 on another blog "fighting for life" from LLGL 

She said " I have suffered complications and unfortunately the lungs are now damaged and will not recover. I'm now back on oxygen and reliant on a lot of treatment to keep me alive but I do not regret having my transplant for a second. My time had run out the fact I'm still here now is thanks to the hard work of the transplant team, the bravery of one special family and the kindness of an amazing donor."

She was a very brave and inspirational woman.She did so much to raise awareness of organ donation and was responsible for many people signing the organ donor register. Please read her blog which I will move to my links list.
You can also see a BBC news report about her & please read a great tribute from  LLGL- Racheal Wakefield

Breath Easy Rachy <3

 I must talk about another person that I have now added to the blog roll this is a lady with Cystic Fibrosis who is starting on the road to a possible transplant in the future and is at present awaiting a assessment at Harefields Hospital in November and has just started bloging about her experiences
"Being Kimberly" please give her your support on what is a frightening time in her life and the biggest journey anyone can make 

Please remember that if you have not yet signed the register to become a organ donor please do Here

My other piece of great news is that my daughter turned 17 the other day.

She is now heading toward adulthood, although it reminds me that I am getting older ,I love her so much and am very and proud of the woman she is growing into :)

One of the first things she did on becoming 17 was to donate blood.

She had already placed her name on the Donor register when we discussed organ donation while I was on the transplant list but she had a strong feeling that she wanted to become a blood donor. So she went with my wife to the local hospital and donated just after her 17th birthday as soon as she was legally able.
I am so proud of her for this altruistic act. I just wish I could give blood myself!!
  but you can…….click the blue banner

0300 123 23 23

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary

Today two years ago I pledged my life to my girlfriend with the thought that I may not have made it to my first anniversary!
When I made my vows I was barely able to breath and had to use oxygen in the car because of this. I had taken a break from the list to get my affairs in order as I didn't know if I would survive past the operation.
My first wedding anniversary was in Harefields Hospital in a ward 19 days after my double lung transplant.
Here I am now despite my worries and happy to celebrate my good fortune with my wife who has stood by me for over 24years, though many changes, but none as big as the one we have been though in this last two years.Despite some ups and downs and illnesses along the way she has been my rock
I love you my darling wife 
I don't know what I can do to thank you. 
I just hope in the years we have now I can love you as much as you have loved and cared for me:) 
None of this would have been possible but for my donor! 
Please sign the donor register  Here

I am happy, seeing my children grow into adults and am able to celebrate!

Another reason to celebrate is that Victoria Tremlett who I have been following on this blog since before my transplant has been given the gift of new lungs in Harefields on 11th October after a wait of over four years she has had a few complications but is now doing well and back tweeting on Twitter @tor87  

I have also been following another possible transplantee Kerry Thorpe who is the face of the latest campaign by the charity  LLGL who campaign for organ donation you can find out more here
She is presently waiting to attend Harefield Hospital for a assessment for inclusion on the transplant waiting list for a lung transplant and I wish her all the best for this.

Finally a plug for a great night out that is being organised by another Double lung recipient Victoria Glen
A Great Halloween Night
Saturday 29th October  
Flying Duck Club, 
Glasgow City Centre. Starting at 8pm

DJ’s, music, dancing, rune reading, spooky face painting and prizes…and know all your money is going to a great cause! Tickets to our event get you into the club night for free!!
All cans are £2.50 on the night!!
As it’s Halloween please come in fancy dress! The general theme is Dead Famous, so think icons from the past. However any fancy dress is acceptable. Prizes for winning outfits! If you do however come with no costume you can get your face painted by our resident face painter :)
Tickets are priced at £7 standard and £5 students. Tickets online are subject to a .99p charge. This charge is to cover the cost of e-ticket service and paypal charges. On-line Tickets can be purchased Tickets can be purchased on the door.
100% of funds raised will be donate to the Butterfly Trust. 
Performers and volunteers are providing services free of charge on the night.
For more information on the event please contact us at

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

One year ago my life started again

One year ago today I was wheeled into a operating theatre in Harefield Hospital breathing oxygen to stay alive, and because of a selfless 45 year old man my life was saved, I woke up breathing though new lungs.
I was so ill I would not have been here to write this post, my lung function had dropped to 13% I had suffered four collapsed lungs and nearly died from swine flu.
Then I got a call and my whole life changed.
I cannot begin to explain how bad my life was back then how hard it was for my children and my wife watching my life ebb away.You can read the posts from my blog before 4th October 2010.
But if you want to hear from people still waiting please read the blog posts from
Both these women are living life waiting for a transplant. Because of the fact that only 30% of people in UK are signed up to the Donor register they will wait longer than they need to :-(
But there is hope, you can sign the register

         NHSBT Organ Donation Register      

I have been  recovering well from my case of shingles and the pain has all but gone.I am on a course of anti viral tablets for a couple more weeks but on the whole I am well and happy.
It is almost like I find it  hard to remember my life back a year ago before my transplant, as it feels like a new life I am living now.
Yesterday I attended Harefields transplant clinic for a check up it was all good news,my lung function is stable my blood results were not a cause for concern,my weight is stable (but more than it should be) and my kidney function is no worse than it was.
I was given a green light to go swimming and I asked about going fishing again and was told that with good hand hygiene and care it would not present any problems for me. With a year behind me now my risks of rejection are less now,and so given my results the transplant Doctors were happy to leave me to visit clinic in three months time and the kidney specialist suggested six months till my next visit to see him. finally I attended the GP surgery to get the final issue sorted in preparation for the cold weather that we are told is on its way.I joined the line of the over 6os and ill for my Flu jab.I am all set now and hope that my next visit to hospital will be next year:)

A sign I wont see till 2012 (I Hope)