Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year to All

After my last post I was able to sort out my medication by Christmas day I had started to feel a bit better.

My stomach had settled and I was able to have a great Christmas dinner that I was able to cook all by myself and it turned out great:-)
I was reminded about how things were last Christmas and how I was still recovering and only able to help with the cooking. I was also to suffer a setback in January that nearly lead to my death due to CO2 problems this all seemed like a distant memory but I was still concerned about how long I had low levels of anti rejection medication in my blood and was that going to be a problem?
I was very happy that after a repeat blood test was sent yesterday I received confirmation today that the levels in my blood were back to a acceptable concentration to prevent organ rejection developing.

I thanked God.Then thanked the clinic staff for the information.

This Christmas was the first time that I had let alcohol pass my lips since the transplant.I had a beer with my Christmas dinner and although it nearly put me to sleep I loved it!
I will now be repeating the experience for New Year and while doing the weekly shop, I stocked up with a few cans for a celebration over the New Year weekend!

The other thing that happened today is that I had my last session of pulmonary rehab at the gym and because of the last six weeks I am starting to see muscles on my arms again! I am keen to continue into the new year now I have got a start on my fitness.
I hope to get back into swimming as one of my sessions each week as this was a particular favourite of mine in the past before I got unwell and I miss the freedom it gave me.
I hope that it will help me condition my legs as I am still finding it hard standing for any length of time without cramps and pain developing. My long term hope is that I will be able to loose the weight I have put on and walk much further than I can at present.

I mentioned last year that I didn't know what I would do with my health improvements and what I would do with my life.This last year was a long one and it has taken me a lot of the year to get settled and start feeling like my self again.

I am confident about my health again but for a long while I was not.

I felt that my body wasn't my own any more, and a large part of me is not my own but someone else's that I am doing my best to look after and nurture. 
This gift that I carry in me makes me so humble. 
 I was offered this second chance at life I want to do the best I can with it.

I have decided to look into voluntary work that I can do and see how my skills can be put to good use within some sort of charitable organisation. I hope that I can continue to work with the support group at Harefield Hospital. I will continue to support others still waiting for a transplant through social media like Twitter and Facebook and continue to develop Transplant News on G+ .
I will be attending a speakers training session in the early part of January organised by LLTGL I hope that this will enable me to share my story and so promote Organ donation registration.

Future is looking bright :-)

Finally I would like to wish all the readers of this blog
A Great New Year in 2012
  Health, Happiness, Dreams & Hopes fulfilled


  1. Hi Mark,
    Happy New Year to you,Liz and the family. It's been a very long and traumatic journey, for you all.
    I'm so proud to be your friend's, well done. I like to read your blog's - you should write a book now Mark.
    Let's pray this will be a great year for us all.
    Take care, God Bless
    Sue & Nige

  2. Have a great new year and I hope that 2012 brings happiness to you and all your family.Hope we can all have a healthy year :)


Thank You :-)