Thursday, April 12, 2012

18 Months Of New Life With New Lungs

I have now been transplanted 18 months and time has rushed by!!
It doesn't seem that long ago that I was kissing my wife and children goodbye at the operating theatre doors not knowing if I would be saying goodbye for the last time.... and then waking up to a new life.

This last week I have been spending time with my children as they are on half term If it wasn't for my donor I would never have made it to this point. I have been able to see them through to the finish of their education at school and I am able to watch them move on to further education,  my daughter is now half way through her A levels and looking forward to university. While my son is has a offer to start a course in furniture making at the local further education college in September and is really looking forward to it.

I have also had the pleasure this week  of celebrating 25 years since my wife and I first met.
She was a general nurse student on her placement in my hospital, I was a third year student looking towards my final exams. It was her last night at the hospital before returning to Eastbourne where she was training when fate brought us together. We spent that evening  in the hospital social club getting to know each other, it was love at first sight.

 We have been seeing each other ever since and  I love her more with each day we are together

We married while I was waiting for my lung transplant and will celebrate our third anniversary in October, just after my second lung transplant anniversary       

I cant say that it has all been a easy ride I had some problems early on and then got shingles last year and it has taken a while for me to feel myself again and get my confidence back after a long period of chronic illness. I had a long list of things I would do,some of which I have done some are yet to come. 

 The most important have been the little things like; 
  • Walking up stairs without worrying about breathlessness.
  • Not needing inhalers for my asthma that I suffered from for most of my life.
  • Being able to go to events and activities with my children,without them being embarrassed about my oxygen tanks and breathlessness,
  • Cooking food on a barbecue or even being around a barbecue without choking and coughing.
  • Having confidence in my abilities to look after myself again 
  • Being able to have a bath without help
  •  last but not least, being alive and not scared that I will die 
All these things are the result of a courageous man who thought about others and his love ones who consented to his wishes..A 45 year old man who I will always be eternally grateful to, signed the donor register and decided that that someone should  live after his death.
I am one of those people!!

Other good things that have happened this last week is that I entered the annual portfolio competition with the following pictures 
Fun at the Fair
It was judged the best digital entry and won first place!!! 

I was so happy this is the second time in four seasons that I have won first place in the digital portfolio:) 
First time I won was my first year in the camera club I have included the pictures that won "my village" in 16.4 2009 before my transplant 
The girl in yellow dancing around the maypole on the right of the picture is my daughter when she was much younger at a school fete at her primary school

I would also urge you to check out the "Transplant People Daily" available by scrolling to bottom of these blog posts now, where you will find an embedded widget.
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Finally I would like you to consider Organ donation if you have not someone like myself or one of the great people I follow on this blog to live a happier and more productive life
You can click the heart here and register now in the UK


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  2. I would be very happy to help. I have a added an email you can send details of your campaign and a contact email address on .It is on the blog in the left hand column under my facebook and twitter


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