Sunday, July 8, 2012

Transplant Week Is Here Again

I am so sad and feel so alone now,since I lost my mum. she had been my rock when I was gong though my transplant and afterwards when I suffered Co2 problems and ended up in ITU.
I just take comfort that she got to see me recover and get well again and she knew, before she died, that I was recovered from my transplant and getting better and fitter day by day.

Thanks to my Donor I was able to celebrate her 80th birthday in April with her and all the family 

My lung health is good and my last trip to Harefield Hospital  I was happy to find out that all the blood results were good and I was given another three months before I needed to return. I will be back in early August because of another appointment I need to attend with the kidney consultant but my next visit after that will be for my 2 year check up with any luck.
I have had some other appointments indirectly relating to my lungs,
The first was a return visit to the local chest hospital to check how I was on my Bi-Pap I had hoped that I would be able to come off using it and was given the okay to try but after two days of not using it I was suffering CO2 headaches and I decided I would not chance leaving it, given what had happened last time I had CO2 Problems
It was quite upsetting to find out that my body hadn't been able to make adjustments to my new lungs and I had been told that I would probably need to use the Bi-Pap permanently if I couldn't get off it successfully. My dreams of being free of the mask I wear every night were dashed along with the chance to stay overnight without taking a machine with me  to prevent problems with CO2 poisoning.
One a more positive note I have been accepted to a weight loss program being run to help those with health issues. It  offers a year of support and a group locally I can attend weekly the weight  has been a issue because I have developed a back problem preventing me from exercising  this is still being investigated at the moment. I hope that I will be able to get some treatment for this when the results of my MRI are reported.

Just before my mother passing I had helped with the camera clubs annual  exhibition at the town hall as part of the town's carnival celebrations I had prepared prints to be exhibited. For the first time my pictures were shown and were well received by all
I put in three pictures

Finally as I mentioned in my last post I received a cup for the annual portfolio competition this season it now takes pride of place in my front room and will be with me till next years AGM I thought I would include it for you to see!

I am worn out with all the issues in my life at the present and will be going on holiday to my inlaws at the seaside in mid July till The beginning of August, to get a break.I am not looking forward to the aftermath of my mothers death and the practical issues of sorting out her belongings over the next few weeks.  

One thing it has done is encouraged me to grab life with both hands and live it  to the fullest as a tribute to my mum and the 45 year old man who gave me a new life by donating his lungs to me :-)

I just want to finish this blog with a reminder that next week is National Transplant Week I will be on twitter and other social networks throughout the week encouraging people to sign up as organ donors and sharing my story to honour my donor

If you want to support  the week go to Transplant week site 
You can download a pack to help raise awareness of organ donation and donor registration.

The numbers of people registering is increasing but is still only 30% of the population  it would be great to raise it to 40% what do you think?

If you are on Facebook or Twitter you can share any stories about successful transplants like mine and the people who's blogs I follow like
 KirstieVictoria T, Victoria G, David and Kerry

But lets not forget those still waiting like  
Kimberley, Kerry ,George and Claire 

If you are on Twitter Try adding #Organdonation and #Transplantweek to your tweets and retweet any you see relating to organ donation and Donor registration.You can also follow
@NHSBT  @LLTGL  @RBandH @DonnasDream

Facebook pages you could like include

Finally some Videos to share and watch

Royal Brompton and Harefield

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