Sunday, November 4, 2012

Good News and Bad?

As promised 
I thought I would update people about how the first competition went at the camera club
As you will remember I had put in a couple of digital pictures. Despite my intention to do some prints for this time life has been hectic and therefore I was unable to get round to printing and mounting up some in time.
I am happy to report although one of my pictures did a moderate 16/20 the other picture I entered scored a respectable 19/20
The picture that did so well was  "Red Arrows at Hastings Seafront"

I was really happy as it reminded me of my holiday and encompassed the feel of summer and Pirate Day on Hastings seafront when it was taken 

We have been quit busy as the kids have been off college for half term this week. 
Due to the influx of children off school I have been finding it harder to swim lengths in the pool.There is a wave machine in the pool and during the holidays it is switched on regularly causing me to have to stop every half an hour.But as there are more public sessions there is some compensation.I went out and got a hair cut to cut down on time taken for my hair dry after swimming and I like to keep my hair short anyway.

Both of the children have been occupied over the half term 
Alex went off to the Excel center with his mates to MCM London Comic Con and had a great time. 
While Ellie who reached her 18th birthday at the end of  October went off to Berlin! 
She organised the trip for the Student Union and did a great job:) The only hiccup was a delay with her passport application. Due to new rules being applied by the government  she was required to attend a interview which nearly stopped her going as we weren't sure she would get her passport in time!

 The week has been a bit stressful for me and Liz sorting all this out and during this I started to get a pain develop in my right shoulder I had hoped that it was a muscle strain or that I had slept badly but now I suspect that it maybe the start of something else as this is how it felt when I had shingles in September last year. I have been to the doctors and he has given me some Tramadol to use and now it is just a matter of waiting to see if I develop the characteristic rash. That will doubtless lead to a stay in Harefield Hospital on IV anti viral drugs for a while.I am keeping all my fingers crossed that the doctor is correct that it is muscular but I won't hold my breath on that one!!

Finally I have some good news to share regarding the camera club
 we have a new president of the camera club it is 

 Brain Tufano BSC

Trainspotting, Shallow Grave, Billy Elliot and  Quadrophenia

If you want to know more about him see the following links

     It is so great that he will be part of the club and able to support and encourage us with his years of expert knowledge and experience

Also this week we had a excellent presentation  by one of the top Audio Visual photographer 
who showed this slideshow presentation which I have posted here