Thursday, February 28, 2013

Moving on towards Spring

Hi I am glad to say the weather has been improving, and the snowdrops have started to bloom which can only mean one thing. Winter is nearly over and spring is just around the corner:)
I always dreaded winter when I was unwell.
It was the time when I had more of my chest infections than usual and also Flu time! It has taken a while to lose that dread but this winter I have been okay and am looking forward to my next visit to Harefield Hospital in March with minimal concern.
My eyes are better than they were but it seems that eye drops will be a constant companion in my life from now on.I had a recent visit to the local chest hospital to get my equipment checked and serviced I was provided with a new mask and tube and it seems that my Bi pap is working well.
Now my eyes are better I have returned to swimming regularly and provided ILIVE IGIVE a photo after they sent me a great T Shirt to wear to promote organ donation
My local pool where I am swimming a mile every session 
I was also able to go to a great fundraiser and birthday party for my friend and transplant superstar
Justine Laymond it was held at Chelmsford at a local hotel and because of the distance I stayed the night.
It was a chance to meet many lovely people including Justine's mum and dad and have a great meal with great company and help Justine raise the money she needs to attend the World Transplant Games in Durban South Africa, where she will again be representing United Kingdom  if you would like to know more click this link
World Transplant Games in Durban South Africa 28th July - 4th August
I was able to take my new camera and take some pictures but because of the lighting in the venue I found it a bit of a challenge to get many really good shots  but I have posted a few which I liked
The venue

There was singing and dancing

and even an impromptu band appeared
they had a nice bar 
And so....... I got a bit drunk and had a great evening
 If you want to help Justine raise the money she needs to get to the world transplant games please click the following link 

the other thing that happened since I last posted ITV had a series of programs about Organ donation and some of the people who's blogs are on my blog roll appeared so I have included some links

Kathryn Graham - Waiting for heart and lungs ( Kath's Transplant blog)

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