Thursday, March 28, 2013

First Clinic of 2013 - Happy Easter

Went for my first transplant clinic visit this year on 11th March.
This was going to be a quick check up and a early return home I thought, but fate was conspiring against me and the day took longer that I had anticipated!
The day started poorly with the bloods, my veins were giving the clinic staff some problems and it took a few attempts to get sufficient blood out of me to test,so I left the room with a few holes more than I thought I would!
On a  more positive note my blood pressure was good as was my Oxygen saturation, but my weight had gone up slightly despite my efforts.I did have a chance to pass the time with a couple of the people in clinic while waiting and was glad to here about one man who was celebrating 10 years since his Tx he was telling me about how things had changed since he had been coming to Harefield with the new clinic building, the Anzac centre, being the centre for transplant outpatients now.One of the great things I find about going to Tx clinic is the chance to meet and talk with others who have gone though the transplant experience.
I had my X-ray done and  was booked to see the kidney consultant in the afternoon I just had to complete the dreaded Lung function test. I had very little worries about this as I had got back to swimming regularly and had just completed 60 lengths of the pool on the Sunday before clinic.But when I went to blow it was apparent that my FEV 1 (The amount of air expired in 1 second) had dropped quite a lot from my last reading before Christmas, I tried not worry too much but was disappointed as this could be a indicator of infection or a early sign of rejection.

When I got to see the kidney consultant I was glad to hear that he was happy with my progress and told me that my kidney function was good at about 66% and that I shouldn't worry about problems with my kidneys he said he was happy to see me in another years time, good result!
The Transplant doctor was less happy she was concerned about the drop in Lung function as there were no infection markers in my blood to indicate why.She also told me that my Tacrolimus level (Anti rejection drug) was high and would require a dose reduction, this was good as these tablets upset my body a bit and lead to problems with the kidney, but I was a bit worried why the levels were up after so long stable.I was told to get a repeat blood test in a week for levels at the GP, and come back to clinic in a month.
On the way out I sorted out some 0.5 mg tablets for the reduction in the dose levels through the pharmacy and got on the road home. Little did I know that the day had a little more in store for me before I would pull up outside my house that evening.

The journey home was going well and I was quite tried so I wasn't hanging around I was nearly at High Wycombe when the car started to loose power then loose speed I moved from the fast lane across to the first lane and found that I couldn't get anymore than 40mph out of the car!! I was just approaching a junction so I decided to exit the motorway and just as I pulled off I saw a large Tesco store and managed to pull in
and park. I rang the RAC to attend and luckily they turned out quite quickly, the guy was great, the car was running so he decided to take it for a drive to see what the problem was.while I was waiting I went for a Costa in the Tesco  as I was parked outside.When he returned he said the car was okay and that the diagnostic computer had shown up no faults. He suggested that a sensor in the car engine had put the car into" Limp Home Mode" and had most likely reset its self while I had been parked, the cause was uncertain but he felt that it was better again and shouldn't give me anymore problems.

I took him at his word and set off again and had nearly go to my turn off when it happened again!!! I decided that this time I would just head for home and keep going but my luck was not good and as I left the motorway I found that my route home was blocked, the road was closed by the police for a accident !!! so right at the end of my reason I returned to the motorway and went to the next turn off at 40 mph :( Drivers on the motorway were not impressed, after another extra 15 miles travelling at similar speed  blocking all the traffic on the way I made it home.
When I turned on the engine again it ran fine but as I was pulling out my hair about the break down on the way home.So I called out the RAC who took it to the garage where it has stayed for the last two weeks. It had some work doing that was left form when it was serviced, but try as they might they were unable to find the fault so it has now been returned to me with the hope that it will not go wrong again!!

Finally home and with my car returned I have felt a bit under the weather and a bit breathless at times but I have continued to go swimming to maintain my lung function my  Tacrolimus level (Anti rejection drug) results  came back still at the same level as it was at clinic so I have had another does reduction to 2 mg daily and I will get a blood taken after Easter with the hope that thing will have settled down by then.Then I will be returning in mid April to clinic

To all you waiting for organs I hope you get the  new life you wish for:) 
To those who have had a transplant wish you all the best of health! 
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Hope everyone has a Great Easter
Enjoy your  Easter eggs


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