Tuesday, May 11, 2010

3 Year Photograph and Fantasy Pictures

Since my illness got worse I have had to adapt my interests to cope with the breathlessness this has lead me towards my photography and artistic interests and I have visited a lot of sites of fellow photographers but this week I came across the site of someone who took a photograph that lasted three years!!
Hard to believe this is possible it was made by German photographer Michael Wesely. He set up four cameras to follow the construction of the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 2001.
Not all the cameras pictures continued for the duration,
but one did and here it is


The original is wall sized, so you can only get a idea of how it looks. But if you what to know more his site is at Michael Wesely
Another interest I have is Drawing and Painting although I am not very good,as a fan of science fiction and fantasy I have always been awed by some of the art on the books of Isaac Asimov , Michael Moorcock and Ursula K. Le Guin  and was impressed by Patrick Woodroffe a British science fiction artist and the air- brushed art of Michael English.Then I came across someone who reminded me of this artist again. 
Wojtek Siudmak, an artist of Polish origin, settled in France in 1966 and is considered now one of the principal representatives of fantastic realism

I thought these three pictures gave a flavour of the work he does if you wish to see more here is  his website 

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