Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chit it's Harefields Review Tomorrow

We are getting ready for another trip to Harefields, this time a planned one.It is time for me to attend outpatients  for a review. We need to be there for 10am, so it will be a early start just after the kids have gone to school.It will be strange to be going in the daytime and not in the middle of the night in a rush as we have on several occasions in the past.I am so glad that the weather is allowing me some relief from breathlessness and I hope that I will be able to get about without the wheelchair when I get there.
I was taken back to my youth by a film that I saw last night,the original "Fame" movie it came out in 1980 when i had just ventured into the world of work and was living in and working at a local hotel.I had forgotten how aggressive and angst it was,Nothing like the remake of 2009 most likely the great director Alan Parker(Midnight Express,The Commitments) was the reason for this.
One remake that I will recommend that I watched recently is Sherlock Homes
with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. Which I enjoyed a lot and feel will continue as a francise for at least a couple of movies given the amount of Homes books.And  They did a good job bringing back the essence of Homes as written Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Robert Downey jn brought a lot of insight to the role and jude law made a fine Dr Watson
One thing that did amuse my wife and myself while we watched, was the subtitles that were provided to the film on the BBC. The film was peppered with swear words as 80s movies often were and someone had provided interesting alternatives to what was being said by the characters in the film for those hard of hearing.I couldn't work out if this had been done deliberately or a speech  recognition program had gone into meltdown in response to the obscenities  but the outcome was memorable.
"I hate this locking school" and "you are a chit and a lowdown motherducker"......will be hard to forget when I feel the need to swear.  I will leave the translation to you.

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