Sunday, May 9, 2010

Classic Cars Day at the Park

Well I got out of the house today and went to the car rally.The weather wasn't to good and as usual had a problem finding somewhere to park near to the venue but my son and I spent a couple of hours looking at the cars and my son sizing up the ones he wanted to buy.I found it very hard to walk today. I wonder how much longer before I will need oxygen all day?At the moment I get by till the evening then I am on it overnight but it seems that the almighty has other plans.
I found it hard also to rely on my 13 year old son when we are out, to help me by carrying things and if necessary to get my oxygen from the car if I get into trouble with my breathing,which nearly happened today. He is happy to help but it should be me looking out for him not the other way round and I found myself upset because of this today.
Rather than walking round I decided to take some pictures when the cars went past in the display areas but we were a bit late to see some of this stuff I have to consider where I can sit when out and today there were few seats.It was a good day but it has worn me out and I have posted some pictures to show you a few of the cars we saw and one of three Mini Steam Engines that were chugging round making my breathing worse but they are quite nice to look at.
Mini Traction Engine

This was on the front of a
lovely Vintage Rolls Royce
it is the early form of the Spirit of Ecstasy

The famous Italian brand

 Couple of
American cars

Rolls Royce

 Couple of
old British cars

The Morris Oxford
Built Locally to us in Cowley
Built  in India at a later date where
A version of this car still is
Hindustan Ambassador

Finally a very desirable car. My son thinks he would like to own this !!
Ford GT

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