Thursday, May 6, 2010

Commended in Annual photo competition

Went to my camera club tonight for the Annual photo competition and managed to get two digital photos organised for it.Unfortunately despite getting a mount board cutter, I was unable to sort out any prints to put in this competition as I was too tired after last weeks trip to Harefields.
I am very aware as I write this that this time, last week I was receiving a phone call, it seems like a age has passed since then.
I did my voting today, but had a bad day with my breathing, my wife came with me should we need to use a wheelchair.We did not need to, but I wonder if this is the ash cloud causing problems again.It doesn't encourage me as I was hoping the summer would allow me to get out more.
I have also started a Twitter account and have started tweeting about my blog and life, people waiting for transplants and those who have already received them.
I hope that this will help people understand something about the process,and encourage more people to sign up to the donor register there is a link on this blog. Click on the flashing Heart.
If you worry about donation I heard something that is worth thinking about.

The recipient of a donated organ,
is risking his or her life,
to keep some part of the Donor alive,
after they die.
It really is "The Gift Of Life"

Finally tonight Here is the photo that was commended in the photo competition.
I hope you enjoy it
Eagle Eye

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