Saturday, May 29, 2010

Half Term and Eurovision are wet

The weather is poor with rain again, but the kids are happy that they are off school and my daughter has been out to local town to shop already.My son got his phone back today as it had some problems and was sent for repair,seems to work now,maybe I will be able to phone him if the call comes from Hospital.
I spent some of the day posting pictures to my photo site Myshutterspace the car and bike pictures have been well received and I was asked to repost them to a car group on the site.I have also started to post some pictures to Flickr after a long while when my account was unused but given the size of the site it may take a while to be noticed.
The Camera Club has finished for the holidays but there will be a display of pictures in the local town hall soon. I may try to sort out a few prints for that, but my priority is to do something with the family over the half term.
Tonight I am having to listen to the Eurovision song contest in which the British entry is as bland as a wet cardboard box and some of the other entries are similarly rubbish,I hate the wet middle of the road music.Never mind the kids and my wife are enjoying it, so I will stay quiet.
A piece of positive news I gleamed off Twitter is that Rachael Wakefield who had her Double lung transplant in March this year has been able to go home I don't know if this is for a visit or a permanent thing I will keep a eye on her blog Anything But Ordinary which is in my blog roll and hope that her recovery continues well with no more setbacks.

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