Friday, May 7, 2010

No Buts Its Got to Get Better?

Have had a slow day at home while my wife did the shopping with my daughter. She wanted to be quick and that is something I am not now.
I have been online for a lot of the day, getting updates on twitter, following the squirming of all the politicians that didn't get the seats they wanted, reading articles and looking at websites.
As you have seen from my blog I like imagery of all types and am fascinated by digital art and love fractal images so today I would like to share some sites that I have come across that I found on this subject.
Firstly a video to explain about flame fractal imagery by the man who wrote the code
Scott Draves
You can visit his Site By clicking on his name above.

He is great I hope you agree, then I came across this excellent site filled to the brim with art based on fractals Fractal world gallery
Where my favourite must be 

Rainbow Fire by Cory Ench

Then I found a site that has all the info and pictures of fractals you could possibly want and also links to some site for the software to generate fractal pictures for yourself at Fractovia

Then I made this one myself using Aros Fractals

All in all I have had a  good day. My daughter got good grades in her mock exams and I am very proud of her. I was worried that the stress that we are all under would affect her school work but she has done great . I am looking forward to a weekend that will produce some good photos of cars, as there is a rally for old cars nearby on Sunday. Fingers crossed for the weather,the ash cloud and my breathing and I will post some pictures soon.

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