Wednesday, May 5, 2010

No I DON'T want to TALK TALK

I hear on BBC that bonobos have been filmed shaking their heads to "say no"
BBC SciTech I know just how they feel !!
I am like those monkeys shaking my head and not being understood . I say No to Talk Talk and they take no notice.HELP !!
I Spent last two days trying to prevent Talk Talk ringing me with sales calls, as you can appreciate When you are on the transplant list every call causes you to jump. Being EX directory and on telephone preference service we have parred the rubbish calls down to nearly zero.
Then along comes Talk Talk and before that it was BT ! Why do these Telecom's believe they have the rights to ring you when they feel like it.
I dont want a better rate, extra services,or any other change made or I would ring them.
One thing that always wondered, is having only a first name a requirement for call centre staff ? None of them are prepared to tell you their names so you can record who you speak to, even though they want all your details before they will speak to them.

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