Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Roll on the Election

I don't know if I am alone but I am going to be really glad when the election is over.
I am getting fed up with the constant bickering of one party against another. I think it will be hard to change the general attitude in politics regardless of which party is in power.
What happened to the notion of public servants.
Politicians should represent us not themselves and not help themselves!!
I would like to see Britain act more independently in the world and am not happy with some of the stupid laws that have been created by the present government.
I think we should give someone new a chance I will see who is available on Thursday.

I came across some silly stuff this afternoon but one thing I liked was the
Daily Mail song as this is the most educational  paper/comic at the moment!!

This came from a great blog at ZeFrank
check out his Gyro,Flower maker and other interactive toys.

Flower maker

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