Saturday, May 22, 2010

Summer's here - Let's burn a bonfire

Summer is here with a vengeance this weekend with the temperature up and good weather forecast.For once I can breath better. I haven't had to use my oxygen when I have been out in the car today.
I saw the respiratory nurse yesterday. She rang on my mobile, number withheld, my heart jumped thinking it was Harefields again.I off loaded  about the stress the family are under and she offered to look into support.She said I should us my oxygen when out so I could walk farther, but I still feel that I am not willing to take that step yet unless I have to.Also the supplies from the Oxygen company are too unreliable with their deliveries for me to be sure to keep enough back for any trips to Harefields, which can use one and half bottles.

I had a look at the garden briefly, things are looking poor, my passion flower has died after the snow in the winter and other things are not being maintained. I have to accept that gardening is going to be a no go from now on.Even after the transplant when it comes, gardening would be a risk with reduced immunity.It is sad as I got some nice flower pictures last year.One of which I shall include to show the passion flower in all it splendour. I will have to go to some  public gardens instead. 
Passion flower and hoverfly
I say I looked in the garden briefly, because on a day when everyone wants to be out in the sun some git with as little community spirit as a dog walker without a plastic bag .Decided today was the best day to burn their garden rubbish. They spent the whole day polluting the local area with thick white smoke, probably from burning green waste,and most likely because they didn't want to pay £29 a year for the green waste collection and composting provided by the council.Council by-laws permit rubbish to be burnt any time which also encourages this sort of behaviour.

So I was trapped indoors with  the windows closed. Plus we were unable to hang out any washing to dry what a nice considerate community member they are!!! I would like to geotag them on Google maps but couldn't identify where the fire was,Just breath it in and choke on it.
I went out and got a haircut with my son so the day wasn't wasted. By 8pm it had gone out,but by that time the day was over.
I thought about my daughter who had gone on her Duke of Edinburgh camping today and wondered how she had been getting on in the heat I hoped that she was having fun as she was a bit apprehensive when she went this morning,We will find out when she returns. Tomorrow before she gets back  I hope to get out and take some pictures in the day while weather permits.

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