Monday, May 17, 2010

Trapped By Ash Cloud

Just my luck the weather improved after raining over the weekend and then I heard on the news that the ash cloud from Iceland is back over Britain.So given my problems on the last occasion it was around, I stayed in the house,to try to minimise the bad effect on my breathing.It did still have a effect and I found myself more breathless today and congested but I hope that it will prevent me from being unable to walk.The forecast has been that things will improve from tomorrow I hope. 
Spent my time looking around on the web at visual effects sites one that i found was a site to draw on but not like any drawings in the normal sense The site is called Bomomo and it is unusual in it approach and hard to control but fun.                                                          
Another site that I found that allows you to draw online is Myoats The site will allow you to make spirograph patterns on the site and save them to your computers as wallpaper  there are tutorial to help and if you have a bit of time, have a go maybe your design will become a favourite. Here's one I made earlier,if you like it feel free to use it.

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