Friday, August 13, 2010

Rainy Weather-Must be Holiday Time

Typical,just as we prepare to head towards the Sussex Coast the Met office issued a severe weather warning for extreme rain were we are going.It is Friday the 13th today,I am not superstitious but the last one was in November 2009. If you look at the missed call page at the top of the blog you can see why I might be a bit concerned.We will leave tomorrow now and take a slow journey down to the coast, so that the holiday gets of to a good start with no stress.

I thought that just before I go away I would wish best of luck to all the athletes competing in the British Transplant Games this year.This year’s competition, which runs from August 19 to 22 in Bath, will involve more than 700 participants and see a record number of transplant athletes competing for the first time.

One of those participants this year is someone I have talked about before in this blog that is Justine Laymond she is on twitter as @LamLungArtist She is playing squash, as well as sprinting, badminton, long jump and the relay Read more I spoke with her recently and she was quite modest about her chances But I know that she would love people to follow what happens and realise that the point about the games is Organ Donation awareness.

Another participant is Jonathan Bowman who's story is here he has competed five times but for every one of the athletes  there is a story of a selfless person who has donated organs to transform their life you could be one of those people.Register as a organ donor and prevent your organs from being buried or burnt be a hero be a donor

Lynne Holt of Transplant Sport UK, said: “We are delighted to see more people taking part in the games for the first time and wish them all the best of luck. These athletes should be an inspiration to people, as they grab their second chance at life with both hands, clearly demonstrating how well they are, after recovering from their life-saving transplant.
“The aim of the games is to inspire people to sign the NHS Donor Register and give the gift of life. It only takes a minute to sign, but can give someone a whole lifetime to enjoy.” 

So if you haven't signed the register now is the time to do it you can click on link below or on theFlashingHeart picture in the top of left column of this blog NHS Donor Register

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